In Hong Kong as well as in Asia, provision of regular in-depth sterilization course is extremely limited. With the recent sterilization advancement in Hong Kong practice, there is a demand to establish an academy in sterilization science in Hong Kong. Not only we can train up the profession locally, but we can also share our experience with overseas delegates and further booster the professionalism of local speakers. The course is designed for in-depth enrichment of participants’ professional knowledge on decontamination sciences.



Upon completion of the three modules, participants are expected to be able to understand:

1.          The key concepts in microbiology and importance of infection control & decontamination science

2.          The theoretical concepts and professional terminology in decontamination

3.          The physics behind steam sterilization

4.          The importance of water quality for thermal disinfection and steam sterilization

5.          Understand various monitoring methods for cleaning / sterilization processes

6.          Components of a washer disinfector and validation standards

7.          Components of a steam sterilizer and validation standards

8.          Construction and Management of a modern Central Sterile Supplies Department (CSSD)

9.          Apply theoretical concepts in advanced decontamination sciences into daily practice

10.      Site visit to CSSD to understand the application of theoretical concepts to real life practice


Course Subject

Module 1 : Microbiology, Infection Control, Water Quality, Washer Disinfector, Instrumentation, Sterile Barrier System

Module 2 : Steam Sterilization, Low Temperature Sterilization and validation,

Module 3 : Construction and Management of a Modern CSSD





Honorary Advisor

  •    Dr. Ulrich Kaiser
  •    Dr. Gerhard Kirmse,



Dr. Ulrich Kaiser 

Ø   Dipl.-Ing. Chemical Engineering

Ø   General Manager of GKE

Ø   Accredited Expert of the Central Authority of the Laender for Health Protection (ZLG)

Ø   Member of different DIN, EN and ISO working groups for validation, sterilization, biological and chemical indicators for sterilization monitoring


Dr. Gerhard Kirmse

Ø   B. Braun Sharing Expertise, Director Technical Competence Center


Mr. Guo Wei 

Ø   Office Manager of gke China


Mr. Samuel Tat Hong LAW

Ø   HKSSMA vice-Chairman / Course Advisor


Mr. LEE Chun Kin

Ø   Department Operation Manager, SSD NTWC


Mr. LAI Kong Fu

Ø   Advanced Practice Nurse, SSD, TMH

Ø   HKSSMA speakers


Exchange of View

For each module, special arrangement can be organized for the delegates and local experts/speakers to exchange their view on decontamination sciences.


Target Participants

The course is open to both local and overseas nurses and staff working in hospitals with supervisory duty.


Language Medium

English for delegates from Asian Country

Chinese for delegates from China and Taiwan

Cantonese with supplement in English for delegates from Macau and local


Award of Certificate

Certificate of attainment will be issued to participants who have completed each module with satisfactory result in the quiz at the end of the course. Upon completion of the three modules, a full certificate of the Course will be issued.