Sterilization Sciences Course Module III (Chinese) – Design and Construction of Modern CSSD, Quality Management System, Research Study

滅菌科學課程 第三單元(中文)- 現代供應中心設計與建設、質量管理體系、科學研究



Deadline: Extended to13th Jul 2023 (Thur) 5pm

Date & Time

15th Jul 2023 (Saturday) and 5th Aug 2023 (Saturday)


09:00 – 17:00


Auditorium, 1/F, Tower A, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, 1 Shing Cheong Road, Kowloon Bay, HK

Course Fees

  1. HKSSMA member會員:HK $2,400
    Mainland Nurse HK$2,400國內護士 2,400港元
  1. Registration Fee includes 2 light lunches. 報名費包括2頓清淡午餐。
  2. Registration fee is neither transferable nor refundable. 一經取錄,學費不能退還或轉讓。


Total contact time is 12 hours per module with 12 CNE credit points to be awarded for each module

Course Coordinator

Ms. Ho Kam-yee 何錦兒女士

Tel   電話 :  852 9388 5560

WeChat ID微信号 wxid_9wiszj65a6dv22

e-mail address  電郵地址 : [email protected]

Objectives 目標

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to be able to understand:


  1. The key concepts in microbiology and importance of infection control & decontamination science


  1. The theoretical concepts and professional terminology in decontamination


  1. The physics behind steam sterilization


  1. importance of water quality for thermal disinfection and steam sterilization


  1. Understand various monitoring methods for cleaning / sterilization processes

了解清潔 / 滅菌過程的各種監控方法

  1. Components of a washer disinfector and validation standards


  1. Components of a steam sterilizer and validation standards


  1. Construction and Management of a modern Central Sterile Supplies Department (CSSD)


  1. Apply theoretical concepts in advanced decontamination sciences into daily practice


  1. Site visit to CSSD to understand the application of theoretical concepts to real life practice


Course Module 课程單元

Module 1單元一

(2 Days 2天)

Microbiology, Infection Control, Water Quality, Washer Disinfector, Sterile Barrier System


Module 2單元二

(2 Days 2天)

Clean Steam System, Steam Sterilization, Low Temperature Sterilization and Validation


Module 3單元三

(2 Days 2天)

Design and Construction of Modern CSSD, Quality Management System, Research Study



Course Duration課程持續時間

The Sterilization Sciences Course (Chinese) complies of 3 modules. Each module is lasted for two days and normally organized on two Saturdays.



Target Participants 目標參與者

The course is designed for both local, mainland and overseas nurses, staff working in hospitals or in sterilization field



Lecturers 講師

  • Gerhard KIRMSE

Director Technical Competence Center; Dr. Ing.

  • Wei GUO

Office Manager GKE China

  • Philippe DESTREZ

Physics (MSc-France) and (MBA-USA), R&D Director at ASP

  • Samuel Tat Hong LAW

HKSSMA Chairman / Course Advisor, RN

  • Teddy Chun Kin LEE

HKSSMA vice-Chairman, RN


Language Medium培訓語言

Chinese (Cantonese) with English (guest speaker) 中文(粵語)為主,輔以英語(海外主講嘉賓)


Award of Certificate頒發證書

  1. Participants must attend 75% of the theoretical lecture. 參加者必須完成75%的理論課。
  2. Certificate of attainment will be issued to participants who have completed the course and obtained satisfactory result in the course assessment.


  1. Upon completion of the three modules, a full certificate of the course will be issued.



Remark 備註

  1. Priority will be given to the applicants who apply for the “Practical Workshop on Sterilization Sciences” at the same time.



  1. Applicants who apply for the “Practical Workshop on Sterilization Sciences” at the same time must submit the application form before 5:00 pm on 10th June 2023. Successful applicants will receive an email notification on 12th June 2023.



  1. For Mainland Nurse only 僅國內護士適用

If one cannot access the above hyperlink for registration, please send an email with the information including (1. Chinese name, 2. English name, 3. Hospital/Organization, 4, Department, 5. Post, 6. email address, 7. Mobile number, 8 Wechat ID) to course coordinator, Ms. Ho Kam-yee at [email protected]

如無法進入以上網站鏈接報名,請發送電郵至 [email protected] 課程聯絡人何錦兒女士,郵件內容包括(1. 中文姓名,2. 英文姓名,3. 醫院/機構,4. 科室,5. 職位,6. 電郵地址   7. 手機號碼,8. 微信號 ) 。