27th Sterile Service Certificate Course


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課程摘要 Information

  • Course Fees 學費

    會員 member : HK $1,200

    非會員 Non-member: HK$1,800

  • Course Coordinator 課程聯絡人

    Ms. Ho Kam Yee

    Tel:  9388 5560
    e-mail address: [email protected]

  • Date 課程日期

    18th & 25th May 2024 (Saturday)

    2024年 5月 18及25日 (星期六)

  • Time時間

    9:30am to 4:30pm

  • Venue 地點

    Lecture Hall, Nurses Quarter, Princess Margaret Hospital, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon

    九龍 荔枝角 瑪嘉烈醫院 護士宿舍 演講室

  • Target Participants 目標參與者

    The course is designed for staff working in Sterile Supplies Department, Operating Theatre, Infection Control Unit, Endoscopy Unit or equivalent


  • Language Medium 培訓語言

    Chinese (Cantonese) with supplement in English


課程內容 Details

Background 背景

In Hong Kong as well as in Asia, provision of regular in-depth sterilization course is extremely limited. Recently, the sterilization advancement in Hong Kong practice has increased the demand on education in sterilization sciences. The Sterilization Science Academy under HKSSMA is committed to promoting patient safety by providing educational and professional development opportunities to the staff working in Sterile Supplies Department (SSD). The Sterile Service Certificate Course is designed for enrichment of participants’ basic concepts on decontamination sciences. Enhance participants’ awareness of international standards, master evolving technologies and best practices to maintain optimal performance in the SSD.

在香港和亞洲,能夠提供定期深入消毒滅菌課程的機會極為有限。近年,隨著香港的滅菌實踐不斷進步,對滅菌科學教育的需求相應増加。香港消毒服務管理協會旗下的滅菌科學學院致力於透過為無菌物品供應中心的工作人員提供教育和專業發展機會來促進病患安全。 無菌服務證書課程旨在豐富學員對於滅菌科學專業的基本概念。 提高參與者對國際標準的認識,掌握不斷發展的技術和最佳實踐,以保持無菌物品供應中心的最佳性能。

Objectives 目標

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to be able to understand the basic concept of:


  1. The key concepts in microbiology and importance of infection control & decontamination science


  1. The theoretical concepts and professional terminology in decontamination


  1. The physics behind steam sterilization


  1. The importance of water quality for thermal disinfection and steam sterilization


  1. Understand various monitoring methods for cleaning / sterilization processes

了解清潔 / 滅菌過程的各種監控方法

  1. Components of a washer disinfector and validation standards


  1. Components of a steam sterilizer and validation standards


  1. Construction and Management of a Modern Sterile Supplies Department (SSD)


  1. Apply theoretical concepts in advanced decontamination sciences into daily practice




Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Points 持續護理教育學分 (CNE)

Total contact time is 12 hours and the CNE awarded is 12 CNE credit points

總授課時間為 12 小時,每個單元授予的持續護理教育為 12 個 CNE 學分

Award of Certificate 頒發證書

  1. Participants must attend 75% of the theoretical lecture


  1. Certificate of attainment will be issued to the participants who have completed the course and obtained satisfactory result in the course assessment.


Course Fees 學費

  1. HKSSMA member : HK $1,200 Non-member: HK$1,800

會員 1,200港元  非會員1,800港元

  1. Registration fee is neither transferable nor refundable.


Registration Deadline 截止報名日期

Application deadline: 16th Apr 2024 (Tuesday) 5pm

截止報名日期:2024年 4月 16日 (星期二) 下午5


Application procedure 申請手續

  1. Applicants should apply through our website: https://www.hkssma.org/certificate-course/ on or before 16th Apr 2024 (Tuesday) 5pm

申請者需於2024416(星期二)下午5之前經本會網上系統的下列連結報名,https://www.hkssma.org/certificate-course/ 。

  1. Application results will be announced on 23th Apr 2024 (Tuesday) on the HKSSMA website “http://www.hkssma.org” and successful applicants will be notified individually through email.

申請結果將於 2024 4 23 (星期二) 在 HKSSMA 網站“http://www.hkssma.org” 公佈,同時會以電郵通知各成功申請者

  1. The mode of payment will be announced at same time.