Practical Workshop on Sterilization Sciences




Deadline: 10th June 2023

Date & Time

24th June 2023 (Saturday)  2023年6月24日(星期六)

Group A (A组): 0930 – 1230 or 或

Group B (B组): 1400 – 1700
(2 identical sessions)  (2個相同的

Remark: If the selected timeslot is full, it will be arranged by the association.



Lecture Room 1 & 2, 1/F, Tower A, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, 1 Shing Cheong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, HK 

香港九龍九龍灣盛昌道1號 香港兒童醫院 A座 1樓 1及2號演講室

Course Fees

  1. HKSSMA Member HK $ 300; HKSSMA會員HK$300
    Non-member: HK$ 450 非會員:450港元
    Mainland Nurse HK$300 國內護士 300港元
  2. Registration fees are neither transferable nor refundable  一經取錄,學費不能退還或轉讓


Total contact time is 3 hours and the CNE awarded is 3 CNE credit points

總授課時間為 3 小時,授予的 CNE 為 3 個 CNE 學分

Course Coordinator

Ms. Ho Kam-yee 何錦兒女士

Tel   電話 :  852 9388 5560       

WeChat ID微信号  wxid_9wiszj65a6dv22

e-mail address  電郵地址 : [email protected]

Aim 宗旨

To put updated knowledge and technologies on sterilization sciences into practice.



Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to be able to acquire both theoretical and practical skills on: 


  1. Instrument Inspection and Functional Check
  2. Integrity check on Rigid Container
  3. Thermometric Test for Steam Sterilizer and washer disinfector
  4. Monitoring Steam Penetration Efficacy by Helix Process Challenge Devices
    使用螺旋形 PCD 監測蒸汽滲透效果
  5. Verification of Hand Hygiene by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
    三磷酸腺苷 (ATP) 對手部衛生的驗證


Workshop Content 工作坊内容

Contents  内容 Facilitator 主持人
1 Briefing on Theoretical Aspect on Workshop & SSU Tour


Mr. LAW Tat Hong Samuel

Ms. LI Kit Yee

2 Instrument Functional Test器械功能測試 Ms. HO Kam Yee
3 Integrity Check on Rigid Container by Smoke Test


Mr. YIP Sing Yau
4 Thermometric Test for Steam Sterilizer and washer disinfector


Mr. LEUNG Wai Yeung
5 Monitoring steam penetration efficacy by using Helix Process Challenge Devices (PCD) Test 

使用螺旋形 PCD 監測蒸汽滲透效果

Mr. YEUNG Wai Chung
6 Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Test for Hand Hygiene

三磷酸腺苷 (ATP) 對手部衛生的驗證

Ms. KO Shui Mei
7 Sterile Services Unit Tour參觀無菌服務部 Ms. LI Kit Yee


Target Participants 目標參與者

Ex-participants of either course; 曾修讀以下課程的學員;

  1. Sterile Service Certificate Course無菌服務證書課程
  2. Sterilization Sciences Course滅菌科學課程
  3. Advanced Sterilization Course 高級滅菌課程


Language Medium 培訓語言

Cantonese with supplement in English粵語輔以英語



After completing the workshop, participants will be assessed



Award of Certificate 頒發證書 

Certificate of attainment will be issued to participants who have completed the assessment with satisfactory result. 完成評估並取得滿意成績的參加者,將獲發修讀證書。

Application Procedure 申請程序

  1. Applicants should apply through our online application system by clicking on or before 5:00pm 10th June 2023.
  2. Application results will be announced on 12th June 2023 on the HKSSMA website “” and successful applicants will be notified individually through email.
    申請結果將於 2023 年 6 月 12 日在 HKSSMA 網站“” 公佈,成功的申請者將收到個別電子郵件通知。
  3. The mode of payment will be announced at same time.


Remark 備註

  1. Priority will be given to the applicants who apply for the “Sterilization Sciences Course Module III (Chinese)” at the same time.
    申請者如果同時報讀『滅菌科學課程 第三單元(中文)』將獲優先考慮。
  2. For Mainland Nurse only 僅國內護士適用
    If one cannot access the above hyperlink for registration, please send an email with the information including (1. Chinese name, 2. English name, 3. Hospital/Organization, 4, Department 5. Post, 6. email address 7. Mobile number, 8. Wechat ID  9. Preferred session: Group A or Group B) to course coordinator, Ms. Ho Kam-yee at “[email protected]
    如無法進入以上網站鏈接報名,請發送電郵至 “[email protected]” 課程聯絡人何錦兒女士,
    郵件內容包括(1. 中文姓名,2. 英文姓名,3. 醫院/機構,4. 科室,5. 職位,6. 電郵地址 7. 手機號碼,8. 微信號, 9. 首選課堂: A組或B組)。

Points to Note 注意事項

Limited seats available on a first-come first-served basis.